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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Passover

It’s not secret among my friends that Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday.  It is perhaps the quintessential Jewish holiday as it celebrates the birth of the Jewish people.  I spend a lot of time preparing for the Seders and as written in this blog I have been working on a Haggadah for many years.

What I love most about Passover though, are the wonderful youtube videos about Passover.  Well, maybe not what I love most, but many of them are quite funny!  Through the weeks leading up to Passover, I will be sharing some of the best.

I’ll start with perhaps one of the best.


Song of the day plus

A few weeks back mkm and I went to the Bat Mitzvah party of a friend’s daughter. It was a nice time and similar to other Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties we have been to. They had a DJ playing music and games for the kids and they brought a couple of dancers to help get the kids dancing. The music was a mix of the all the stuff the kids listen to today. I really cannot comment on it all (although my kids are starting to listen to the Disney stuff like Hannah Montana (warning, PG-13 at least), so perhaps I will have to learn some of it soon).

Anyway, after listening to this music (and of course the all important hora mix) suddenly, we hear music like Mony Mony, Dancing with Myself (warning again), Footloose, etc. Well, we, and all of our friends, got up to dance. It was an amazing 10 minutes. The DJ did not play complete songs, but had a medley of these late 70’s early 80’s tunes. Of course the kids were still dancing too. So for 10 minutes of this party All the kids AND THEIR PARENTS were on the dance floor bopping around to some of the best music ever.

I wonder what the kids were thinking about us. What would I have thought had my parents been on the dance floor with us when we were kids (although they music my parents listen to would never have been played at our parties). Perhaps kids today think it is kind of cool that they share a similar taste in music with their parents. I hope so.

For that wonderful 10 minutes I can truly say that I felt like I was back in High School at a USY dance. And it all came rushing back. In my married life I have never been much of a dancer at these parties. This night, I think I freaked out my wife. When “Footloose” came on I was dancing like I was in that movie! And when today’s song of the day came up, I was bopping around like I was in High School.

Here’s to getting a chance (albeit short) to relive some of high school.

Oh, yeah, the song is “I Wanna Be Sedated” by the Ramones.


Trying to move on

Avi went to the neurologist today and we are going to try to up his Adderall doesage.  We’ll do that for a few weeks and see what happens.  I hope it helps, as Avi i starting to shut down in many ways.  When he gets in a situation where he cannot control what is happening, or he is feeling frustrated he either lashes out or he just shuts down.  So at school he is beginning to just refuse to do some things.

He has always loved working on the computers at school.  Out school as a great program where they do some learning on the computers.  The system is somewhat adaptive so it gets more challenging as the kids go farther.  Now that Avi has hit a point where it is more difficult for him, he just does not want to use the computers anymore.  There are lot of other examples.

We know that the meds are not a cure.  He is not going to just turn around and start doing the things he has stopped doing.  But hopefully he will be better able to focus on everything around him and then he might be able to start tolerating the things that frustrate him.

Sometimes it seems like a vicious circle, I hope we find an off ramp soon.

Song of the day

Today’s song is really pulled from a hat. As is apparent here on my blog, my music taste is diverse, but tends to focus on music that is at least 25 or more years old. I rarely listen to the radio (unless it is an oldies station) and even then I don’t like much of what I hear.

A few years back there was a TV show on called “American Dreams” and mkm and I watched every week. It was a show about a family in Philly and the daughter in the center was a regular on American Bandstand. Forgetting about the plot, the music was great and was a big part of watching the show.

The theme song of that show became a favorite of mine. It is called Generation and is sung by Emerson Hart (formally of the group Tonic). So I started listening to some of Tonic’s music and some of Emerson Harts solo stuff and I found I liked it (believe it or not).

Anyway, just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Here is a the video for the song Generation. It is a promo piece for the tv show and is a bit cheesy, but you get the whole song.


Passover Haggadah Project

I have the next five pages from my Haggadah uploaded on my Passover Haggadah blog. Please take a look and leave me comments!

Rough times

I did not want to go two days without writing in my blog so here is a quick post. The past few days have been difficult for Avi. On Friday, Monday and Tuesday he caused enough trouble in class that his teacher called us on Tuesday afternoon. On Saturday in Synagogue he threw a ball at someone and today he was sent to the principal’s office for biting someone.

We had a meeting on Monday with Avi’s therapist and we have the beginnings of a plan and direction, but I know that it will take time. I wish I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, but who knows. We will be speaking with the neurologist soon to discuss his meds and maybe that will help?

Only time will tell.

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