Song of the day

Well, since I picked a Paul Simon Song yesterday, by the end of the day and this morning I dialed up the “Old Friends” boxed set on my ipod (can you call it a boxed set when it is on your ipod?)

Simon and Garfunkel are perhaps the best male duo in modern musical history. They sang so well together, and it was as if they were just meant to be. Their harmonies were perfect and I consider Art Garfunkel perhaps one of the best male singing voices (perhaps more on male voices tomorrow).

To pick a song from S&G is almost impossible, there are just too many good ones. As I listened on the train, one song popped out, and perhaps it was because it brought back a memory. When I was in USY, I remember being in someone’s living room and my friend Sheryl (aka wrekehavoc) playing “America” on the piano (maybe it was her living room, I cannot recall). That memory sticks out because it was back then that my love for music began and moments like that helped me to learn that I have some small talent at singing (more on that another time).

So, today’s song is America by Simon and Garfunkel.


1 Response to “Song of the day”

  1. 1 wrekehavoc March 19, 2008 at 9:58 am

    “america” is one of my favorite songs 🙂 what a sweet entry — i’m so glad i had a small part in your discovery of S&G 🙂

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