Song of the day

I’ve been in a mellow mood the past few days (despite the harried Passover Prep), and often when I feel down or mellow I like to listen to a wonderful album that mkm and I bought when we were in Israel a number of years ago. The double CD album is called “Shalom Chaver” and was basically a recording of a peace concert in Israel that was organized in the aftermath of the assignation of Yitzhak Rabin. The title comes from the Eulogy given by President Bill Clinton.

For those who love modern Hebrew music this album is woderful because all of the major Israeli singers dontated their time to this concert and sang their most well known songs. There are many times on the album that the audience is louder than the singers. Some other songs were added from recorded versions for those artists who could not attend.

Perhaps my favorite song from this album is יהיה טוב (Yihiyeh Tov) which translates as it will be ok. The song is written by David Broza who has a following in America as well as Israel. It is a moving song and is perhaps one of the best Israeli songs to say that there will be peace and everything will be alright. Here is a link to the lyrics in English and transliterated Hebrew.

I am embedding two videos for this song. One is a very early version. Broza added stanzas to this song as time went on. But this version is very clear and easy to hear. The other, comes from a peace concert that Broza did with Jackson Brown and Shawn Colvin at Massada in Israel. This was broadcast on PBS in America, but this video comes from someone’s camcorder.


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