Song of the day

When talking about music and songs, a frequent question is what is your favorite song? For many people this is a very simple question. But for those of us who truly love music it is not such a simple question. I can easily say what I don’t like. I don’t like country music. I am not a big fan of rap music and some hip hop also does not sit well on my ears. But to say what my favorite is, I would have to say it can sometimes change from day to day (perhaps that is why I write a song of the day!)

So what is my favorite today? Would you believe that the music I am listening today is due to a cell phone ringtone? I got this nifty (do people still use that word?) piece of software for my Palm Centro that allows me to take any mp3 file, cut out the part I want and save it as a ringtone. So where would I look first? You guessed it, The Beatles! I don’t have a specific favorite Beatles song, like everything else, that designation changes frequently. I had to search, though for some songs that I thought would work well as a ringtone. I came up with a few, but I am going to include two here, both amazing songs.

First, is often overused song, Birthday. This song is found on the White Album and is significant because of its wonderful return to the Beatles roots, pure rock and roll. My ringtone is the early part of the song before the words, and it just repeats.

The second is a much more complex song. The Sgt. Peppers album is an amazing album where much of the music seems to work very well together. The second to last song on the album is a reprise of the title song. But right after that we find the song A Day in the Life. This song is one of the most influential (if not the most) song in modern music. It appears on almost every “top x” list and many later musicians will credit this song as an influence. If I had to choose favorite Beatles songs, this would certainly make my top ten. The song includes two cacophonous, part-improvised, orchestral crescendos, and it ends, with what may be the most “famous” chord in music history, which is an E Major chord. My ringtone is the final crescendo and the chord.


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