Avi’s Progress (and something fun)

Avi has been getting worse and it has been putting a strain on everything.  Today he was admitted to a partial hospital program.  He was there over the summer (Princeton House). He will go there from 9:30 to 3:30 every day at least until next Thursday when they will re-submit to the insurance (which I am sure will go through).  It is also a possibility that he will move to an in-patient program in the near future and we are now starting to consider residential programs.  It’s hard but we need to consider every possibility and determine what will be best for Avi.

It is very hard to imagine Avi not staying with us, but we need to think of what would be best for him and for our family, and if a residential program is what will help, then we will certainly consider it. Right now it is just getting him into this program and figuring out his meds and his therapy.

Wanting to end this off on a good note, I recently got a hold of a movie. And before I say the name, I have to add:


Ok, that being said, I purchased the DVD of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. So Wreke can calm down a bit, this movie is horrible! The acting, if you want to call it that, was in the toilet. Most of the covers of the Beatles songs are bad and there is almost no plot. So why did I buy the movie? I remember it being fun watching it. It was not fun in an “I love that” way, but in a campy let’s have a good laugh way. I showed this to Avi and Shayna. To my surprise, it was Shayna who enjoyed this more than anyone. She recognized many of the Beatles songs even though some did not sound like the original. Shayna…Is…Three…Years…Old! Go Shayna! And at least there are three redeeming moments in the movie, Got to Get You Into My Life by Earth, Wind, and Fire, Get Back by Billy Preston and Come Together by Aerosmith. And the final scene with loads of stars recreating the concept of the album cover is memorable (although Carol Channing gets way too much time on screen).

So there you have it. I guess even though it is a horrible movie, I like it and I am not afraid to admit it!

Here is the Earth Wind and Fire clip.


1 Response to “Avi’s Progress (and something fun)”

  1. 1 wrekehavoc March 13, 2009 at 7:04 am

    go shayna! i can totally see how this film would appeal to kids — it’s colorful, and it features beatles music — what is not to like when you see it that way? 🙂 of course, as you get older… well, it might make for a fun drinking game movie if you were into that sort of thing, i suppose 😉

    wish i knew how to help in the avi situation. wishing you strength and wisdom as you navigate this challenge.

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