This Boy

I was all ready to write here that Avi would be coming home today or tomorrow. We had an OK visit on Sunday. I went by myself because Marsha was not feeling well and Avi and I spent the time playing cards and eating some Passover food. I know he was having some bad times, but in general it seemed ok. The head nurse happened to be there at that time and she reported that the doctor was thinking that he could come home Monday or Tuesday. Avi was excited as were we to hear this.

I called this morning, but unfortunately I was too late for phone time. The head nurse had answered the phone and she told me that it was a very difficult morning and that Avi was hitting and kicking staff and that he was on One-On-One with a staff member today. So now I am not sure if he will be coming home before Hag.

It is very frustrating for us and I am sure difficult for Avi, but we need to find a way to deal with these explosive moments before it is really safe for him to come home. We were putting the idea of a residential program behind us, but now that is all that comes into my head. I really don’t want to send him away somewhere, but I have to think about the health and safety of my family and this might be what we all need. I hope to hear from the therapist today and perhaps the doctor to find out what we are doing.

So we are back in a waiting moment. There are some good things to report though. Rabbi Friedman visited with Avi on Friday afternoon and I think Avi had a great time doing a little mini Seder with him. Rabbi Friedman also offered to house someone over Hag so Avi can get a visit this week. I may have to take him up on the offer.

More information will be posted when I have it.


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