Helter Skelter

I was all prepared to title my post today Glad All Over, but things are not so glad. Avi has had difficulties over the last two days and it was decided that he needs to stay in the hospital a little while longer. Right now it is going to be a day by day thing. The feeling is that Avi needs a school that has a lot of experience with high functioning ADS kids and where he can get the proper therapies. The current school is just not serving his needs.

Of course we now have to go through the whole IEP process with our local school district and we need to put in writing why we feel New View is not the proper placement for him. Marsha is working on that now. If we are lucky, we will have an IEP meeting on Friday, and if not Friday then Monday. Then it should take a week or so for them to write up the IEP and if everything goes our way, and they agree with us in terms of the schools, the process of finding the placement begins. If they do not agree with us, then we have to fight for what we want, and that could take weeks. I am hoping that it won’t come to that, and if we are really lucky, we could have a placement within a month. Hopefully Avi will be home at some point in the middle. The feeling is that he can come home when they see that we have the IEP and are just looking for the placement. The therapists think that with the proper placement, Avi will be able to live at home.

Now I am trying to work out staying in Summit for the end of the Hag so I can visit Avi on Wednesday night. If not, we will work out visiting him on Thursday. My Rabbi said that since the final day of Passover is a rabbinic addition, we can violate it so we can see Avi. I should know soon what I am doing.

For now we just try to stay strong.


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