Here Comes the Sun

Spring is finally showing itself and things are perhaps looking a little up for us. Avi has been home now for five days and although there have been some rough patches, I think we are hitting some less winding areas of our long road. There have still been some blowups, but we have some ideas and a plan of sorts.

The main thing that seems to set him off is food and eating. Avi will usually eat a big breakfast and the almost nothing during the day at school. He is a very picky eater and this is also something that we hope to work on in the near future. When he gets home he is ravenous and he will get fixated on one or two things that he usually cannot have (candy for example). This can set him off. We are going to be working on finding a way to get him food to satisfy him and not set him off. If we can do this, we think half the battle is over.

On the school front, Avi is back at Nu View and Marsha will be meeting with our school district next week and we will get the new IEP. On tap for that meeting is to get his classification changed and to pick up the IEP. We know already that we are going to fight to move him to the Newmark School so we will see what they say at that time.

I want to personally thank all the friends and readers of my blog who have sent us very kind and thoughtful emails over the past month. We know your prayers were with us and we will always remember this. I won’t be blogging about Avi as often in the near future as things return to a more normal rhythm. I still plan on continuing my blog, but I hope to go back to writing about our family in general and other things that come to my mind and not just Avi.

I hope you will stay with us through our Journey.


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