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Song of the day

This morning I realized that it has been a while since I listened to Elton John, so I dialed up the “Live in Australia” album and promptly fell asleep on the path with the beautiful orchestral arrangements of Elton John’s songs in my ears. I have not written about Elton John yet, and he is up there in my top 10 artists for sure. A good friend of mine used to call him “Mashiach” (messiah in Hebrew). I’m sure he has no divine power, but he is one of the most talented singer/composers alive.

The album was recorded at a few concerts that Elton did in Sydney in 1986. He had some of his music arranged for orchestra, and performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He has done this many times with other Symphonies since.

All of the songs on this album are from his songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin. Perhaps my favorite song on the album (which is also found on Elton’s debut album) is called “The Greatest Discovery”. The song was written by Bernie Taupin at a young age and it is looking at his own birth through the eyes of his older brother.

Here is a clip from one of the shows in Sydney in 1986.


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