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In the Beginning…

With apologies to Dr. Laura (for my blog name) and to God (for the title of this post), I start down the path of blogging. I suppose I just figured that I have some things to say and that maybe someone will listen. We’ll see. In the meantime, I will introduce myself a bit, and over time, I hope people get to know me and my family.

First off, my blog name. I thought long and hard about this (well, ok, maybe only 15 minutes, but it was hard thinking). Ultimately, this will be a blog about my family and my life, and the center of those things is clearly my children. Now, I apologize again to Dr. Laura (who I find offensive, btw) but what better way to describe my life then in terms of my kids’ family.

Mykidsmom (mkm) and I were married on September 10, 1995. We had some difficulties having children at first (including one miscarriage) and we went to a fertility specialist. After a few months of Clomid we did two cycles of my injecting mkm with fertility drugs, and presto, mkm was pregnant. On December 10, 2000, Avi Benjamin was born. Avi was a fun baby (although he did not sleep through the night until he was about 5) and we quickly learned how to become three instead of two. About a year later, mkm tells me one night “if I didn’t know better, I’d say I was pregnant.” Assuming we would need fertility drugs again, we never worried about this. Well, one pregnancy test later, and presto, mkm was pregnant again. On July 26, 2002 Noam Micha was born. Noam was a happy baby and luckily for us, slept through the night MUCH earlier than Avi. Finally on September 9, 2005, Shayna Rina was born as a wonderful 10th anniversary present. Shayna is the happiest child you will ever see.

So that is my family. Seems nice! As I blog along you will learn why I put up that subtitle.

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