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Life on Mars

My friend wrekehavoc has been doing a whole month of blog posts on great 70s music. It’s been a lot of fun reading her posts and I definitely recommend a look.

Now that one of my favorite shows, Life On Mars, is back I get to hear some great 70s music. One of the great things is that they strive to find music that would have been on the radio. Back in the 70s (unlike today) you also got to hear more obscure songs as well as the big hits.

There were four songs on last night’s episode, starting with the big hit No Time from The Guess Who. The Guess Who is a very interesting band. They are a Canadian group and the first Canadian group to get into the top 5 on the US charts (including their number one hit a few months later, American Woman). The Guess Who was a very typical band of the early 70s and their music is like much of the early 70s rock music that we all know and love. I think the most interesting thing about the band is that the name may have been an attempt to keep the names of the band secret and make people think that it was a group of very well known singers and help sell the records.

The second song was Legs by Darondo (somewhat obscure song)

Third was Whisky in the Jar by Thin Lizzy. This Irish folk song from the 17th Century was given a nice rock spin by this Irish heavy Metal group.

Finally the show ended with My Maria by B.W. Stevenson. This great love ballad became a bit hit for Country singer Stevenson in 1973.


Song of the Day

I am way too addicted to television.  I watch a number of shows regularly with my wife and given that I have close to two hours of commuting every day for work, I watch tv shows on my computer while on the train.  I watch a lot of shows, and doing so allows me to see certain trends in tv programming.  This year, the trend seems to be 70’s nostalgia.  There are two shows, one that is on right now for the summer and one that will be on in the fall that take place in the 1970s.

The first is called Swingtown.  The show is about a family that moves to a nicer suburb in the Chicago area and they meet their new neighbors who are swingers.  The show is not about sex (although it is there, but mostly not seen) but about relationships and what keeps them together.  I definitely recommend this show.  The 2nd is called Life on Mars which is based on a British show of the same name.  A cop from Los Angeles is in an accident and wakes up in the 1970s.  It sounds silly, but judging from the pre-air screener I saw it will be a great show.

What is really great about these shows is that they get to hi-light some of the amazing music from the 70s.  In the screener from Life on Mars this classic was featured.


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