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Song of the day

Today in music history………..

On this day in 1970, The Beatles last album, “Let It Be” is released in the US.

This album is perhaps the most interesting in terms of its recording and release. You can read all about that on wikipedia, but suffice it to say that when The Beatles were recording this album, they were all but broken up. They were not getting along and the fact that there were film cameras in the sessions made it even worse. I highly recommend the film “Let It Be” as well, and you can see the tension (although there are some times in the film where you can see how much they really love each other).

The album was shelved for about a year, during which time Abbey Road was released (which is a much better album).

Finally the recordings were given to Phil Spector and he put together what may be one of the worst Beatles albums ever produced (in my humble opinion). In 2002 Paul McCartney recruited Abbey Road studio personnel to recreate the album the way the group intended and with the permission of the remaining Beatles they produced “Let It Be… Naked” which I think is a much better treatment of the work. The most striking difference is that of the song “The Long and Winding Road“. Paul had conceived it as a piano ballad, but Phil Spector, using his “wall of sound” technique, overdubbed an orchestra and choir to this song to create what most people think of when they think of this song. The clip below, from the movie, shows the song the way Paul intended. You can also here it this way on the Naked album.

Plus if you are interested in the movie, someone on youtube has uploaded the whole thing (I will not comment on the legality of this). Click here to go to the page that contains the 9 parts.


Song of the day

Yesterday I chose a song from a movie soundtrack and I thought I would continue that here. There have been 21 (official) James Bond films to date (the 22nd is to be released in the fall). Never has there been a series of big blockbuster movies like James Bond, and as deserved by such a phenomenon, never has there been a series of movies with such big blockbuster songs. Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey, Thunderball by Tom Jones, Nobody Does it Better by Carly Simon and the list goes on and on.

If you are familiar with the list of James Bond Movie songs, then you probably already know which is my favorite. John Barry had been involved in writing almost all of the James Bond songs up to Diamonds are Forever and he also was the score composer for almost all of them. For the next movie he chose to take a hiatus, and George Martin was hired to compose and conduct the music for the next movie. This became the first time since Abbey Road that George Martin would work with Paul McCartney as Paul was asked to write the song for this movie, Live and Let Die.

It was not the most popular of the Bond songs (that title goes to A View to a Kill by Duran Duran) but it became a mainstay at all of the Wings concerts as well as many Paul McCartney shows in later years. It is also one of my favorite songs from Sir Paul from that era.

Here is a clip from a Wings concert which shows how big they did this song.


Song of the day

Time for some silliness. I was listening to Sir Paul on the way to work this morning so I want to have a Paul McCartney (watch this!!!!!) tune today. But I also need a pick me up, so it calls for something silly.

Coming Up is a very fun song, mostly because of the creative video. In the Video, Paul plays all of the instruments dressed as different characters, some of whom are identifiable. Like Buddy Holly, Frank Zappa and Neil Young as well as a Beatlemania era Paul. The song is the ONLY billboard hit that is credited to Paul McCartney. Although he has had many hits since the Beatles broke up, they are either credited to wings or with other people.


Slow morning

Not much to write about this morning (aside from the news about Heather Mills stealing all that money from Sir Paul, but you can read about that at wrekehavoc). I was up late last night baking 5 dozen Hamentashen and I have at least another 5 dozen to go tonight. So I would not expect much from me tomorrow either.

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