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Favorite Lyric Friday

Sorry there was no song of the day yesterday!

Lately, I have been in a more mellow mood and so my music tastes have certainly followed.  I am picking a song today that is not only mellow, but the words really speak to me on many levels.  The song  is “Show me the Way” by Styx.

On the one hand it is a song about dreaming for a bright future and on the other it is a somewhat religious song, and that prayer is something that will help bring this future to us.  I believe in the power of prayer and I hope that prayer helps us get to tomorrow.  Here is a link to the lyrics.

The wonderful lyrics and Dennis De Young’s powerful voice make this one of my favorite songs of all time.


P.S. I also want to direct you to my friend Wrekehavoc’s blog today. She is celebrating her son’s birthday. She embeded a youtube video of the song “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon. I love the song and the lyrics. And it reminded me of some of my wonderful times with Avi, which is something I need a lot. Thanks Wreke!

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