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Song of the day

I am really enjoying doing theme weeks for my song of the day so this week is going to be Broadway week.  I have been in love with the Broadway Musical for many years and I have so many favorite shows it is hard to even pick a few to post here.

Today I am posting two songs from the movie Rent.  I loved this show in the theater and the movie is actually wonderful as well (not all movie versions are).  So to start Broadway week, here is La Vie Boheme and Santa Fe.  The two more recognizable songs in Rent are of course Seasons of Love (which has been in song of the day) and Light my Candle.  However, La Vie Boheme is probably the one song in the show that sort of sums up much of the story.  Santa Fe is just one of my favorites from the show.


Favorite Lyric Friday

Once again, it is time for Favorite Lyric Friday. Yesterday’s song was from Broadway, and today’s is as well. In 1996 “Rent” opened on Broadway (having moved from off-Broadway) and the theater world was stunned. This Rock Musical was unlike any other before in that it talked about topics that were never found in major musicals (like AIDS and homosexuality). It was “Hair” for the 90s.

The opening song from the 2nd act is probably the most well known from the shot and I just love the lyrics, so today’s song is “Seasons of Love” from Rent.


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