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Favorite Lyric Friday

Sorry there was no song of the day yesterday!

Lately, I have been in a more mellow mood and so my music tastes have certainly followed.  I am picking a song today that is not only mellow, but the words really speak to me on many levels.  The song  is “Show me the Way” by Styx.

On the one hand it is a song about dreaming for a bright future and on the other it is a somewhat religious song, and that prayer is something that will help bring this future to us.  I believe in the power of prayer and I hope that prayer helps us get to tomorrow.  Here is a link to the lyrics.

The wonderful lyrics and Dennis De Young’s powerful voice make this one of my favorite songs of all time.


P.S. I also want to direct you to my friend Wrekehavoc’s blog today. She is celebrating her son’s birthday. She embeded a youtube video of the song “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon. I love the song and the lyrics. And it reminded me of some of my wonderful times with Avi, which is something I need a lot. Thanks Wreke!

Song of the day

Yesterday I suggested that I wanted to talk about male singing voices. It seems to me that in much of popular/rock music there are just not that many “great” male voices. There are some great singers, some great musicians, etc, but when you get down to basics, they just don’t have the best voices.

Good examples are some of my favorite artists. Billy Joel, to me a music god, but not a great voice. Harry Chapin is another of my gods with perhaps one of the worst singing voices of recording artists (I know he is dead and I should not speak ill of the dead, but it is the truth, and if he were alive I don’t think he would disagree!). Even the holiest of holy, The Beatles did not have the greatest of voices (although they are not at all near the bottom of the list).

I have long given thought to what male artists have great voices. I have discussed two here so far. One is Art Garfunkel. Listen to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and you will not only be blown away by the amazing song, but by his powerful and clear voice. He has a remarkable range and can sing almost anything. The other singer I mentioned is Dennis De Young of Styx. A very different style than Garfunkel, but nonetheless a wonderful voice.

For my song of the day, I am going to add another name to my great male voices list. And please, no snickering! John Denver. I have always liked John Denver, probably because my mom listened to him so much. He had a remarkable way with words, and his voice can only be described as sweet sounding. He skillfully combined country/western music with pop music and he crossed over to the pop charts more than almost any other country singer (in fact, I don’t really consider him a country singer).

He had many great songs, but I think that my favorite is one called “Looking For Space.” Rather than speak about it, here is a link to the lyrics.  I would love comments with other candidates of best male voice!

This video contains two songs, and “Looking For Space” is at the 3:30 mark.

Song of the day

I think growing up in the 70s and 80s is what gave me my eclectic taste in music. There was so much going on in those decades, and so much of it was really good. I was going to pick a song by one of my favorite groups, and then my friend Wrekehavoc decided to pick one of their songs for her song of the week. Well, since I am not up at the crack of dawn to write, I figured I would choose someone else, but then listening to the music on the way to work, I decided they are good enough for both of us to pick on the same day.

So I am talking about Styx and my song is “Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)“. Perhaps I like this song because one of my music gods wrote a song called “Angry Young Man” also, or perhaps its just a great song.


PS. I could not find a clip of the original group, but this one is with the more recent line up (which does not include Dennis De Young)

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